Brands produced at Kastline

We are happy to have those brands produced at Kastline, you can discover their story if you don’t know them already.

Agripp was founded by Philippe Ceulemans. The first climbing catches were shaped in 1991 in Brussels, in the workshop of his grandfather who was a sculptor. The first bouldering competitions got organized by Agripp in Belgium at the end of the 90’s. They also recently went out a full range of dual-texture. They hope to bring the best in terms of road tuning. This will lead to ever more precise and technical movements. Shiny and polished in combination with the texture, these sets offer endless possibilities. Last but not least, their volumes were in the selection of the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020.

Arctic Grips sparked in Norway. An Australian, a Nordlending and a Trønder were having a coffee break from their weekly route-setting session. Impatient creativity, and an ambition to spice up their boulder problems, inspired a conversation leading up to the launch of Arctic Grips. They aim to be a local, yet global provider of handcrafted, inspiring new school climbing holds. They use their years of experience as both route setters and climbers, to meet the demand for progressive and inspiring new climbing holds. They are themselves strongly inspired by their northern roots.

Cai Holds is founded by CAI Luyuan, a 36-year-old former IFSC route-setter and Asian Championships Chief Routesetter (2008-2019). In parallel of his route-setting career, he also was a coach for more than 10 years. In the meantime, he started to shape holds and design volumes. It became his part time job from 2013 to 2018. From 2018 until now, he has been shaping and selling his own holds for his brand Cai Holds.

Expression was created in 2003 by Simon Ravaz, who was then a climbing instructor and NGO manager. Expression offers climbing holds and volumes for all uses – from educational facilities to World Cup competitions – and in all types of materials: polyester, polyurethane, fiberglass, wood and resin. The full range now includes over 2500 holds and 115 different volumes. In addition, they are one of the 4 official hold brands for Tokyo 2020’s Olympic Games. They also have been supplying the Chamonix World Cup for over 10 years!

InCurvo is a brand launched end of 2020, by Lena who defines herself as an ordinary climber. She saw that climbing progressively shaped her life and brought her to places she would never had explored if not for climbing. Enjoying the increasing positive influence of climbing on her life, she started to feel the need to contribute to sport climbing development. Noticing that sport climbing was gaining momentum worldwide, there was an obvious need for a diversified selection of holds regularly brought to market. This is how the brand was born. Themed collections, each with its own inspiration, are released regularly and shaped in collaboration with shapers in different countries.

Kong holds are inspired by the surroundings in the Lake District (UK). The team wanted to carve the shapes through their experiences hanging from the different rock types that this area offers. Rocks carved by the ice, the wind and rain over millions of years have been lovingly reproduced for climbers of the 21st century. All their holds are designed in the UK.

Rockcity compiles 30 years at the forefront of climbing wall and climbing hold developments. They seek to push the boundaries and limits of what climbing holds, macros and volumes can be like and are used like. They use their past to shape your future.

About Us

At KASTLINE, our driver is to bring a qualitative manufacturing solution for climbing holds brands. We understand that brands need reliable lead times, and that they expect product quality to be up to their expectations, in line with industry standards.

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