Our capabilities as a climbing holds manufacturing facility

We have defined a range of materials, textures and colors in order to get your needs fully covered.


Manufacturing your climbing holds with the widest range of materials is one of our capabilities and a focus of our R&D. So, as of now, we can manufacture your holds with PE, Reinforced PE, PU, and Reinforced PU. For macros, we use these materials too, as well as fiberglass. It all depends on your product range. Consequently, to fully understand your needs, we will schedule calls with you in the very first stages of the process.

Molds and textures

To start with, we will sign a NDA. The aim is to guarantee you that our exchanges will be kept strictly confidential when it comes to manufacturing your climbing holds and volumes.

Once signed, you can send to us the SketchUp model of the holds and macros you need us to manufacture. Then, based on the SketchUp model, we will 3D-print your shapes. The next step will be to develop the related molds. Choosing 3D-printing will provide faster response time and save costs for you: this is the reason why we have developed this offer and included it among our capabilities. In addition, 3D-printing will also enable you to choose across different textures. As a consequence, you will have full control on the friction of your sets, for an optimal climbing experience.

Of course, you can also send to us the shaped foams. Consequently, we will develop the molds as well. Last but not least, we are able manufacture your dual-tex shapes. At each stage of development, we will go through validation steps together.


We have developed a range of 15 colors for PE and 19 colors for PU, based on the current industry standards. Indeed, you need to be ensured that the colors of your holds will fit in all the climbing gyms worldwide. As a consequence, if you need to know how close our colors match to your existing ones, we can send samples to you. Moreover, we are able to provide a color specifically developed for you, based on your needs.